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Each year before you renew your membership, you are required to complete 7 CEU points. Have fun and expand your knowledge!

To earn the 7 points :

  • Read two provided articles (2 points).
  • Fulfill the other (5 points) from an activity in Category A or B.
  • Check out our Webinar page for FREE CEU suggestions. 

You do not need to submit everything at once. You can read the articles and submit your answers to the questions now and do the choice activity CEUs later or vice versa. That is ok. However, please ensure your RRCO CEU Reporting Form is completed and emailed to ceu@rrco-reflexology.com prior to the month before your renewal date! Example: If your renewal date is April 30 2022, then ensure your CEU Reporting Form is submitted prior to March 31 2022.

Here are the required readings for 2022:

Article 1. CEUs AGAIN!

Question 1: Give an example of what you might submit for your CEUs!
Question 2: How current do your submissions need to be?
Question 3: What does RRPr stand for and when can you use this designation?

Article 2. Pain in Cancer Survivors & Reflexology

Question 1: What are some of the effects of cancer treatments?
Question 2: Reference a research paper about reflexology and cancer. (You may provide a link for this).
Question 3: How can reflexology help?

Activity Scoring :

Category A & B – 2021

Please remember, the purpose of CEUs is to extend your knowledge and learn something new! CEUs must be learned in the past two (2) years.

One Hour = 1 CEU point

Type A activities are directly related to Reflexology.

Type B activities are complimentary to Reflexology.

Each year you can submit up to 7 hours of Type A activities.

You can use a total of 5 hours of Type B activities over a three year period.


Year1 : Read 2 articles, 5 hours of type A, 0 hours of type B

Year2 : Read 2 articles, 2 hours of type A, 3 hours of type B

Year3: Read 2 articles, 3 hours of type A, 2 hours of type B

CEUs with excess amount cannot be carried over
and you can only use new learning once.

If you have any questions as to what counts please
email ceu@rrco-reflexology.com 

When reporting on these include a 2-3 sentence report on what you learned.

Category A: Competencies considered within Scope of Practice include:

  • Business Development – reading a book, video/webinar, class, developing sales aids
  • Client Relations – reading a book, video/webinar, developing a protocol
  • Inter-professional Relations – developing a team for referrals
  • Records Management – developing a secure record protocol, learn accounting software, meet with other heath care givers to learn their record keeping
  • Anatomy/Physiology/ Pathology – book, video/webinar, meet other heath professionals to learn
  • Reflexology Theory & Techniques – book, video/webinar, class to learn new information
  • Client Assessment – book, learn skill (i.e. blood pressure reading) to improve your skill
  • Healthcare & Public Health – learn local, global health care protocols and trends e.g. Covid protocols

Category A MODALITIES in the Scope of Practice include: 

Please email copy of certificate to ceu@rrco-reflexology.com 

  • Foot Reflexology – other methods (i.e. Vertical etc.)
  • Hand Reflexology
  • Ear/ Face/ Whole Body Reflexology 
  • Infant & Child Reflexology
  • Reproductive Reflexology – fertility, labour
  • Specialized Reflexology – i.e. Pain Management, Nerve, Structural
  • Acupressure
  • First Aid & CPR

Category B Modalities complementary to Reflexology – (Only the list below) please check if you have questions. 

Submit copy of Certificates to ceu@rrco-reflexology.com 

  • Hot Stone                             
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reiki
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Healing Touch
  • Shiatsu Therapeutic Touch
  • Traditional Tai Massage
  • Tui Na


You can DOWNLOAD & fill out these WORD DOCUMENTS.

and email to ceu@rrco-reflexology.com


Article archive:

2021 Required Articles:

In 2022, you can still complete the following articles to obtain 2 CEUs if you have not previously reported them.

Setting Standards For Reflexology Practitioners