Reproductive Reflexology: Category A = 1 CEU

Christine Stormer Fryer Video Series – Category B CEUs:
Videos 1, 2 and 5 = 1 CEU each; Videos 3 and 6 = 0.25 CEU each; Video 4 and 7 = 0.5 CEU each; Video 8 = 1.5 CEU


Here are some links from Sam Webster’s free YouTube series related to Anatomy and Physiology. Each video is worth 0.25 Category A CEUs. 

Anterior/Lateral Leg Anatomy

Plantar Foot Muscles 

The Tibia

Nerves of the Lower Limb

Posterior Leg Anatomy

Foot and Ankle Bones

Dorsal Foot Muscles

Ankle Joint Anatomy

Dr Carol Samuels shares her YouTube video from the FHT Stay at Home Series – Category A – 0.5 CEUs


Setting Standards For Reflexology Practitioners